Stoney Keppel Quilts

      This is a site dedicated to both the craft person and the quilt enthusiast. A quilt by definition is "A bedcover made by stitching together firmly two layers of cloth or patchwork with some soft and warm substance (ie:wool or cotton) between them". We all know the word quilt has different meanings for different people. It could be a treasured heirloom passed down through the generations, a well used, perhaps frayed and soiled child's quilt, a lap quilt for watching T. V., a wall hanging that is the center of a room, a doll's blanket lovingly made by a treasured aunt, that old ripped and tattered quilt we use for picnics, a first quilt made by a grand daughter for her Grandpa, and even a quilt under which lovers cuddle. Any of these instances bring fond memories to those of us who treasure our quilts. 



      In this site we are showing machine pieced and hand sewn treasures. These are mostly 100% cotton (otherwise we specify) in the tradition of yesteryear. These are traditional patterns, new age quilts ( rag quilts ) and patterns of other crafts that have been adapted to quilting - ie; Bargello . No matter which quilt, they are all made with pride of workmanship and artistic talent. Some are quilted by one woman only, thus the uniformity of stitches making the piece more valuable. All the pieces are 100% guaranteed. Please refer to Guarantee information. E-mail me , if you have any questions or suggestions. I welcome your input.


May you enjoy the trip through the site whether you are shopping or just for the visual journey. See our treasures, enjoy the view but most of all - make your self at home.


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