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          First of all, I am a quilt addict.I love all craft work,I have tried most ,but always return to quilts.Could it relate to the fact my Mom did 3 quilts at least a winter,on a treadle machine? As I grew older and realized the time involved , I asked how a busy farmer`s wife ever got that much done.  She told me " while the potatoes were cooking ". I found it hard to believe till I tried it myself. It works.  A little bit by little bit and before you know it ,it`s done. She loved the Double Wedding Ring & gave one to each of her sisters ,6 in all.But she did them the old fashioned way - part of Dad`s shirt, my dress,even sugar bags.The quilt was set up in the living room where I spent most of my time,under the quilt frames that is. I made my first quilt block on a piece of paper from the Family Herald. It was a crazy quilt block.The block ended up a rectangle and we sewed the blocks together My dolls had the nicest quilts. Usually Mom and I did crafts on Sat night while my Dad watched the hockey game. What I can`t believe, is that I didn`t sew my finger  with that old treadle!

          I`ve been around quilts all my life. What I truly appreciate is , the works of art my Mom and others like her accomplished.They didn`t need a pattern , if it was , it was on an old  brown paper bag. They also didn`t need yards & yards of fabric purchased from a quilt shop.Neither did they need just the right shade, or perfect size of block. My Mom`s Double Wedding Ring is alot of pink with red gingham joining the rings. Believe it or not the results are stunning. (  See My Collection )

          So for me ,quilting is in my blood. Most of my friends received  my homemade baby blankets. I definetly knew they were appreciated, sometimes hung on the wall, but what I liked best,well used. My special friends received bed quilts- at first tied, now hand done. March 05, I had a quilting bee for a dear friend . I pieced the top and 12-15 of us quilted it. We had a 10 year old boy, the bride ,the groom, mother of the bride and many friends take part. The stitches were not even, nor well spaced, but you can guarantee, each and every one was done with love. The wonderful thing is the bride didn`t want any stitches repaired, she appreciated each and every one. It was an experience I will always treasure.My quilts end up being personal and endearing to me.As every quilter knows the process is long, but oh so rewarding.

          Unfortunately I can have only so many quilts in my home. My closet was full, my sewing room piled high, quilts on every couch and some on walls .My husband,  who has helped tremondously by waiting patiently while I material shop, fixing my sewing machine, hanging quilts and being positive about all, only wants one room to watch T.V. but even that room was being invaded. Thus the web site.

          Of course being " crafty " I`m almost computer illiterate, so with the help from a very good friend , here are my creations to share with you.

          I endeavor to show well made, well designed, and perhaps most importantly of all beautiful hand made quilts. My friends that are helping me, keep to these high standards as well.

          Hopefully you can see from the pictures the  pride and accomplishment  I have in my craft.

          Again , don`t hesitate to ask questions. Need a special quilt for perhaps a wedding or for a new babe, let me know and I`ll see what I can do. Just remember quality plus quilting takes time. At least 4-5 months depending on the size and pattern. (of course baby quilts take less time).



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