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Log Cabin- Green & Cream

          Log Cabin-One of the oldest patterns around. It has been found on mummys and in mosiac tile floors of buildings. It is speculated that the first time the design was used to make bed covers was in England in the early 1800s . But it was the American quiltmaker who developed it and  made it famous. It became a staple in the life of the early  pioneers, the pattern lending itself to using the snippets of fabric that were too small to use any where else.  How wonderful that these pioneer women in their austere life could use what ever they had, wool , velvet, calico, perhaps even  worn out sheets, to artistically make their craft.
        The square in the middle was the  fire place in the log cabin. That square was traditionally red. Everything in front of the fire was bright or light and everything behind the fire was dark. Thus the pattern.
 But just to make things interesting, there are many, many, patterns within the basic log cabin design. There is Streak of Lightning,Courthouse Steps,  Zig Zag, Rail Fence, Straight Furrows and Barn Raising just to name a few. I would hazard a guess,that the Log Cabin is the best known pattern of all times.There are quiltmakers today who make the pattern in a more modern style , yet the majority of craft people try to capture the essence of the pattern- simplicity and charm. 
         I love sewing the log cabin pattern. Somehow the colour choice and pattern is always a challenge. It seems so simple, yet the effect can be enhanced or not, with just the choice of one fabric. I can`t count how many Log Cabin quilts I`ve made over the years and enjoyed each one.
        This Green and Cream  Log Cabin is simplistic, yet striking, all at the same time. There is a leaf pattern quilted in the side border and 1/2 of the log is quilted in the traditional manner and the other side of the log with an oval and diamond pattern.This is understated, yet very, very, classy.
        This quilt is 000x000, quilted by one person, and 100% cotton fabric. It was made in a non smoking enviroment.
         This quilt is sold, but can be made for you if desired. As always , quilting and quality takes time, please allow 2 months for construction.

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