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Bargello- Sage, Burgendy, & Gold

           Bargello- This pattern is dramatic and artistic. Of course I think it looks amazing in a quilt.  What I make, is more of a traditional pattern, more balanced perhaps. No matter how the pattern is handled, it is like a work of art. It almost mesmerizes and draws you in to the design. Can you tell I like it? And this is almost odd seeing that Iím a very country, antique type of person. I always thought the Bargello pattern was for artsy people, not the traditional quilt maker. Who knew?  


The colour scheme of this quilt is spectacular. The sage green, burgundy & gold is royal in its colour scheme. The gold gives the quilt a warm feeling; it just makes you want to wrap up in it. It would be the centre of any room. Everyone who sees it catches their breath.

            The quilting is done like waves to compliment the pattern. It draws the eye along the colour line of the pattern and it lends a real dimension to the quilt. The back of the quilt is sage and blends with the front. There is app 6-7 stitches per inch. There is a quilt sleeve on the back if you wish to hang and display it.  The size of the quilt is 88" W x 95"L.



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