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Bargello- Blue & White

             Bargello- This pattern is dramatic and artistic. Of course I think it looks amazing in a quilt.  What I make, is more of a traditional pattern, more balanced perhaps. No matter how the pattern is handled, it is like a work of art. It almost mesmerizes and draws you in to the design. Can you tell I like it? And this is almost odd seeing that Iím a very country, antique type of person. I always thought the Bargello pattern was for artsy people, not the traditional quilt maker. Who knew?   

            This quilt was made to order, so it is already sold.I had earth tones picked out for our bedroom, but this quilt has almost converted me. It  is breathtaking especially for our blue friends.

            We can make this quilt for you. Please send me some paint swatches for the colours, or let me choose and this could be yours. Price $1095.00



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