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Quilting Buddies

Anne and I have been good friends for years, literally. Our husbands were in a band, and we were their biggest fans. We didn`t see alot of each other for a few years and then we renewed our friendship again. Anne wanted to learn how to quilt, so she came for a week in the winter and made a brown Log Cabin quilt for her son Ryan. We had so much fun, fabric everywhere ,giggling ,staying up late and getting up early. My other good friend, Barb was in on alot of the nonsense. She too sewed a Log Cabin quilt and went on to sew quilts for the rest of her kids. Anne has been up every winter since and now it is a case of the student out doing the teacher. Being able to help someone to learn a new craft is a privilege. To be honest, it is fun to have some one as addicted as I am. You should see us when we get a new pattern or worse yet,  trying to match fabric. It is a sight to behold.


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